Life as a new nurse

A chronicle of my journey from graduating student nurse to registered nurse. All the fun stuff this new nurse will experience in her graduation, first job, etc.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Final clinical eval today

My final clinical evaluation was today. I had to turn in a "strengths and weaknesses" form, which is a bit hard to come up with things that don't sound fake. We do these forms twice a semester, and its also hard to think of anything different from the last time.
I also got my eval from my last clinical instructor, which was passing. I knew it would be, but it's still good to see it written down.
So, three days left til the final. Well, 2 days 16 hours 10 minutes and 50 seconds. I got one of those countdown clocks, from a "Time Left" site. It's pretty neat. It's been nice to see the changing time, and how it's going fast. When I downloaded this, I had 5 months left. After my exam, I'll change it to count down til graduation, then to the start of my first job.

Gosh, two weeks til I graduate.
Two weeks til I'm no longer a student nurse.
Two weeks until I am a GRADUATE NURSE!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Grade update

I need a 27% on my final exam to pass the class.
I THINK I can do it :)
Again, kind of strange to think about it... I am 99.9% guaranteed to graduate college at this point. WOW.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Thoughts on the NCLEX and other things

Well, nothing happened today because I didn't have school today! Remember, my final is next week. I should study, I guess. I have a high grade right now, and I will likely need a 45% or so on my final to pass the class. I'm sure I could manage that, so I'm not really feeling like studying. I will, I just don't feel like it.

Was thinking about the NCLEX today. My school has a high pass rate, 98 to 100%. I am also taking a Kaplan review class. I am not really worried about the NCLEX, in general, I guess I assume I'll pass. Then today,that worried me! I know I shouldn't be complacent about it. I have 3 NCLEX study books and review CD's that I'll start taking practice tests after I pass my final. I want to pass, that would really stink if I didn't. I wouldn't have my job anymore. I'd have to wait and pay to take it again. So at first I wasn't too concerned about it, and now I am. I will probably take it in late June, which gives me a month and a half to study.
Hope that's enough.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

At the end of the (nursing school) road....

How did I get here? Here being at the end of my nursing school journey. I've been in college so long it seems, and here I am at the end. My final exam is next week. Pinning is in 16 days, graduation in 17. I can't believe it.

I still remember the excitement of getting my acceptance letter in the mailbox. The anticipation of waiting to start nursing classes. I was so excited to get started, and now, although I am excited to be done, I have mixed feelings about it. Nursing school is what I waited for for so long, what I invested so much time in, and so much money, for that matter. I've laughed, cried, stressed out, and jumped for joy a hundred times over at some point during my schooling. I've taken enough notes to fill a textbook, read enough books and notes to make my eyes cross.
And now its (almost) over.

Yes, I'm happy about that. I am happy to be out in the real world of nursing soon. But, in school someone was always watching over you to make sure you did things right. To make sure you didn't kill anyone. To make sure you really knew everything about that med you were about to give. Annoying, but reassuring, nonetheless. Now I'll be independent, responsible for people's lives! How scary. How really, really exciting and scary.

I'm ready. I'm also a little nervous to leave the security of school behind me.

It sure will be strange not going to class. I've been at my college for years now, and to just not go anymore.....surreal. I'll drive by the school, and out of habit want to turn in the parking lot. But I won't. Not to get online and check my test grades, not to chat with my classmates about test grades, care plans, will be so different-this has been my life so long and now i'm leaving it behind.

Oh well, I've got one more day to show up at school.